Jennifer Brinley Wall Art

Jennifer Brinley is an artist whose creative pieces have become widely sought after for home decor because of her impressive choice of subjects, style and color mixes. She has also licensed her work to different house ware manufacturers for making of diverse home products. Jennifer has a distinctive style and a strong sense of color. She has been in the industry long enough to know what color to use for which art for the best results. Jennifer started her career as a painter when she was still young. She later studied at the University of California, from where she earned a degree in studio art before venturing into full time painting. She has gained wide experience and prefers to paint about the current trends. She finds inspiration from warm colors from the Italian ceramics and the French textiles. And she never fails to travel across Europe and the U.S. for inspiration. Jennifer’s passion for architecture led her to study a program in the discipline at the Rhode Island School of Design. She now often adds elements of architectural design to her paintings, resulting in unique works that define her career. Interestingly, Jennifer got married to an artist too. The fact that they are both artists has made it easier for them to work together and support each other’s talents. At the same time, their combined efforts result in diversity, making it possible for them to meet the needs of different clients. Jennifer works from her home studio and links with other publishers for greater outreach.

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