Dona Gelsinger Wall Art

Dona Gelsinger is an American artist who started painting at a very young age. Being a grandchild to a painter, she would sit for hours watching her grandfather create landscapes art using oil paint. As she continued watching her grandfather create art, her love for painting gradually grew. At some point she also started painting. To enhance her artistic knowledge and hone her skills, she proceeded to Cal State Long Beach where she studied art. She landed a job after completing her college education, but quit when she started her family since she wanted to get more time with them. Quitting her job allowed her to improve her skills even further. During that time, she worked for individuals and businesses, creating calligraphy, portraits, product art and more. Later on, she got a job with her local church to create 14 life-size paintings of the Passion of Christ. The job took her close to two years to complete, but it was a great blessing to her and she felt really honored.

At some point after getting married, they moved to Oregon where they faced financial challenges, sending her to work in a small discount art gallery. She still never stopped creating her art, believing that God had a good plan for her. She submitted several works to publishers hoping she would land a big time job. True to that, she later got a publishing contract with Arthur Kaplan to paint Stations of the Cross in art print. Shortly thereafter, she worked with Lightpost Publishing, The Bradford Exchange and Danbury Mint. Dona's career got a lifeline when she made a painting for Bradford, marking her first in creating art for products. She's been in the arts industry for more than 20 years, working alongside her husband and son in Rogue River Valley of Southern Oregon. Through her agency, she has sold art to over 100 companies across the globe. She uses oil paint as her main medium.

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