Waltraud Fuchs Von Schwarzbek Wall Art

Waltraud Fuchs von Schwarzbeck was born into a family of artists in Bavaria, Germany. She was exposed to the fine arts from a young age. At such a young age she developed a deep appreciation of fine art and an eye for beauty. She received her formal art education at the National Academy of Art in Munich and majored in Lithography and Graphic Arts. Waltraud Fuchs traveled and lived in the famous art capitols of Europe before she moved to the USA. While in the U.S., she learnt to paint floral art that reflected the influence of the old masters and their traditional style. She based her paintings on her studies of the techniques of the old masters; she became confident in and performed restorations of antique paintings of museum quality. Waltraud Fuchs was honored by the University of Missouri in Kansas City for her high standards of creativity with a Certificate of Recognition for her contributions to the Graphic Arts.

Her professional background includes many years as Prime Art Illustrator for motion picture companies such as Warner Brothers, Columbia Pictures and United Artists. In her own imaginative style, she enjoys creating impressionistic paintings in pastel and oil which may include still life paintings, landscapes and portraits. In her commissioned portraits, Waltraud Fuchs strives for the utmost likeness of her clients in the tradition of the old masters. Her paintings have included prominent people such as Harry S. Truman and John F. Kennedy. Her original works are represented in art galleries and private collections in Australia, Europe and North America.

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