Joyce McAndrews Wall Art

Joyce McAndrews is a native of Philadelphia. She has a long time friend called Stacy, also a native of Philadelphia. One day when Stacy purchased a painting from Joyce, the two friends discussed how the graphic nature and the variety of images of Joyce's artwork would be translated nicely to rugs. Just recently they collaborated to create rug designs using Joyce's art as the foundation. Joyce is a graduate of the University of Baltimore and is currently working as the marketing Director of YMCA in Seattle where they develop and implement marketing strategies for the Annual Campaign and the Meredith Mathews East Madison’s YMCA 80th Birthday Celebration. Joyce also works as a developer for Co-Mingle, a company that builds digital library that documents the development of Seattle's historic Troy Block - Troy Block was once home to Troy Laundry Company, United States Radiator Corporation, David Smith Furniture, and the Boren Investment Company Warehouse.

As an experienced production designer and multimedia art director, Joyce defines, develops and implements innovative and effective brand strategies for all digital and printed communications. She deals with innovative industry leaders with diverse backgrounds in, video, film, print, photography, online streaming, app development and web design. Some of her clients include BioMedical Innovations, Technology Access Foundation, Urban Animal, Puget Sound Energy, PepsiCo, just to name a few. Joyce has directed, created and executed graphic and set designs for video productions and photography in many studios. Her interests include painting, developing children’s’ apps, textile design, illustration, graphic design, marketing and communication, production design, and photography.

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