Christopher Talbot Frank Wall Art

Christopher Talbot Frank loved art from a tender age. He had the passion for the arts and could spend a lot of time reading art books and playing with art materials. He was convinced that his destiny was to be an artist. Many around him notice his interest and talent and they encouraged him to pursue art as a career. With the support of family, friends and teachers, Frank managed to become a professional photographer. He specializes in California Mountains, wildflowers and deserts. The vibrant and inspirational nature photography of his natural subjects, landscapes and wildlife is stunning. Frank is a restless photographer who always wants to keep his camera busy. He has a wide experience in the field of art and is able to produce photographs that satisfy and even exceed the expectations of his clients.

His most recent works include marine life and ocean scenes of Southern California. The artist references landscape-like forms in his works once in awhile. Her art has found its way into many art exhibitions and shows. His art can be used to decorate any space and they are highly priced by many collectors because they are in great demand. He has become a source of inspiration to many upcoming artists and they look upon him as their role model. His art can be found in many collections around the world and on some of the most prestigious walls and spaces. Frank says that as long as flowers spring from the earth, he indulges.
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Havasu Falls
Fine-Art Print
28" x 22"
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