Terry Madden Wall Art

Terry Madden is a painter and a teacher. A floral and landscape painter, Madden uses the wet-in-wet, watercolor method. He paints large tropical paintings –buildings, flowers, birds, boats, and other things tropical and nautical. Madden works from a studio in Florida (Stuart). He also conducts many workshops with the aim of making artists to feel comfortable with watercolor. Madden and his wife Judy are brilliant people, so inventive and loving and they make painting fun. Madden worked with an investment firm in New York City for many years. During this time he was pursuing art on the side, he was much encouraged by the fact that his paintings were selling quickly. He collaborated with PBS in the mid 1990s to do a series of programs dubbed the "Art Methods and Materials Show." Through these programs he created about two hundred educational segments including watercolor workshops. Madden is a fan of Tombow Dual Brush Pens.

He even gave the pens a glowing recommendation on his website. He uses Tombow Dual Brush Pens to create many sketches and value studies. He says that Tombow also make archival quality paper adhesives and first-rate professional grade sketching and drawing pencils. The papers work great for attaching crafts, artwork or photos to photo albums or scrapbooks or anywhere the artist needs it. Madden is loved by all those who like watercolor because that’s his preferred medium. He loves watercolor because he says it is fun and easy to learn with good instruction. All his instructional watercolor products and videos are available for viewing and purchase.

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