Linda Casey Wall Art

Linda Casey is a multi media artist. She has loved art for as long as she can remember. This passion made it quite natural for her to become a professional artist. Linda has been published and does both gallery and graphic Art. Recently she started selling handmade greeting cards and she’s very happy that they have been well received. She also created a portfolio of coloring book pages titled "Dreaming." These pages have been very popular because each is a fanciful dream. She has started a Manga style as is evident from her portraits. She has been in the arts industry for many years and can easily tell what his clients desire. Linda loves interiors, form, shape and color. This love has inspired her most recent group of paintings and art. The artist has a unique personality that makes her attract many clients.

She uses her art as a means through which she expresses her thoughts and feelings about her subjects to her viewers. Painting aside, Linda likes baking and pie is her favorite. She reads and likes good stories. Mystery in period especially attracts her attention. She’s a beginner in Bookbinding. Along with love of books, she has some experience in video production and would like to combine video and studio art. Linda is able to meet and surpass the expectations of her clients. She completes her assignments within the stipulated time and budget. That’s why she get’s many referrals. Her art has been to many shows and exhibitions and she has won numerous awards.

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