Hannah Vince Art Prints

Hannah Vince grew up in Shropshire, in a small English village. She always had a keen interest in the decorative arts, which led her to study fashion and textiles at Plymouth University, England. Following the success of her 1994 exhibition at the New Designers in London, she moved to Manhattan, New York where she is currently working as a senior designer at London Portfolio. "My work has been inspired by the gardens and woodlands of my native Shropshire and strongly influenced by my interest in textiles and fashion. Increasingly the art work that is used in the context of home furnishing is becoming more influenced by the trends and colors of the fashion world. My experience working in the fashion industry of New York has made me aware of these links.My techniques are eclectic and utilize diverse papers, fabrics, appliques and collage. The work is contemporary yet timeless." -- Hannah Vince

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