Henricus Hondius Wall Art

Henricus Hondius (1597 – 1651) was a cartographer, publisher and engraver from Netherlands. Born in Amsterdam, he was the son of the famous cartographer Hondius Jodocus who was known for his map making business in the city. He loved art from his childhood and everyone around him knew he would become and artist. Hondius published a 1606 version of the Mercator 1569 world map whose original plates obtained. After the death of his father in 1612, he co-ran his father’s business with his brother-in-law. Nine years later, he opened his own company in his hometown and continued to produce the maps. This was the first time his name appeared in an atlas, when he published the 5th edition of the Mercator-Hondius atlas. From 1628 onwards Hondius partnered with Jan Janssonius, the cartographer and together they continued the business. His art is found in many galleries, museums, institutions and homes around the world.

His art is highly priced by many collectors, both private and corporate. He frequently reproduced his paintings in various forms. Hondius worked really hard; he produced many pieces of artwork that were very successful in terms of sales and also received much acclaim. Currently, his art is highly priced by many discriminating collectors and are availed through many outlets all over the world. Many of his clients purchase his art because they are educative. The influence of the environment in which he grew is clearly evident in his art which is today adorning the walls of many prestigious buildings all over the world. Hondius died in Amsterdam.

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