Alfred De Breanski Wall Art

Alfred de Breanski was born in London. He was the eldest son of Leopold Breanski. He was lucky that he came from an artistic family. His sister and younger brother, Julie and Gustave, were also painters. In 1872, he made his début at the Royal Academy where he exhibited until 1918. He also exhibited at the Royal Cambrian Academy and the Royal Institute of Oil Painters. Amongst Breanski’s patrons were the Bishop of Petersborough and Sir James Lemon, JP, who purchased his first picture exhibited at the Royal Academy. Breanski was a distinguished landscapist who became famous for his resplendent views of the Thames, Wales and the Scottish Highlands. These landscapes usually feature cattle and water or sheep on grassy banks; and at times a solitary figure can be seen in the distance.

In 1873, Breanski married a talented Welsh artist called Annie Roberts, whom he met during his frequent painting trips to Wales. They were blessed with seven children. Two of the children, Arthur and Breanski Fontville, both became painters. Breanski lived much of his life in Cookham, Greenwich, and Lewisham, becoming a Freeman of the City of London in 1880. Breanski’s is represented in several museums including the Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne and the Southampton Art Gallery. He has attended many art exhibitions and in all the exhibitions that he has taken part in, his artwork featured prominently. His pieces of artwork are very popular with many private and corporate collectors. They can be found in many galleries and institutions throughout the world.
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A Highland Loch
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34" x 24"
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