Donna Race Wall Art

Donna Race is an American painter, designer and illustrator. She grew up in upstate New York and attended the New England School of Art in Boston. She has been freelancing for the past 35 years. Donna presently lives in New York in the beautiful northwest that vividly reminds her of the picturesque Adirondacks. Her pieces of artwork are tasteful and charming. Although she has more than 300 designs available for licensing, if clients don’t find what they need, she is always available for designing custom art but with advanced notice and scheduling. Since Donna maintains ownership of all her work, she can make additions and or changes, at her discretion, to create a solid custom look. Her illustrations are presently found all over the world in over 250 formats, and are available for licensing.

During her course of work, she has met many artists who have provided her with inspiration. She has sold a number of her pieces to individuals and companies. Her art is in great demand all over the world. That’s why many galleries and collectors stock them. Donna loves color and believes by using a lot of it, she will effectively communicate to her viewers about her feelings. She has taken part in several solo and group art exhibitions. She believes that art makes life more fulfilling for her, and while painting she doesn’t even realize the passage of time. Her art has been published in several forms, and are much sought after by many publishers.

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