Mary Beth Zeitz Art Prints

Mary Beth Zeitz was born in Louisville, Kentucky and was raised in Wilmington, Delaware from the age of 3. The Victorian and medieval styles of art have been the main inspiration for her paintings. She holds a bachelor’s degree in French from the University of Delaware. Mary also studied art and other diverse subjects at the Universite de Montpellier while she was living in the South of France. Like many artists, Mary loved art from a tender age, so she pursued every creative outlet she could manage. All her pieces of art have balanced composition and exciting balance of color and light and a well selected subject. She most often works with highly detailed subjects, antique-style textures, and dark jewel-toned watercolors. Her work has been inspired by many renowned artists but she also seeks inspiration from reading a lot and from her travels.

She has traveled extensively throughout Europe. Her brilliant colors and skillfully orchestrated shapes are what she uses to lead her viewers through time and space in what many perceive as a sequence of events that result in a feeling of physical structure and movement. Mary has done more contemporary watercolor pieces but the strong colors remain an identifying feature in her work. Her love for nature can be seen in all her collections. She has attended many art exhibitions, museums and galleries to observe what other artists are doing. However, much of her knowledge and technique is a result of her many years of self-training. Her pieces have found their way into several galleries and in the hands of many private and corporate collectors.

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