Debra Lake Wall Art

Debra Lake began painting in college. She’s a self-taught artist who enjoys painting and drawing subjects that enchant her. Debra’s greatest inspiration comes from a childhood spent playing in the countryside of New England. As a child, Playing in the fields New England, was inspired by the vibrant and delicate colors of the flowers around her. They became a motivation for her posters, prints and art. Her images depict delicate flowers in subtle colors and are often taken directly from her country. She works in many mediums including acrylic, colored pencil, and pen and ink, often using more than one medium in the same composition - she often mixes paints, colored pencils or pen and ink in a single piece of, print poster or art. Working with many mediums has made her posters, prints and art to be always magical, evocative and fresh.

Debra has also studied voice and music and combines her passion for music and the country with her passion for the arts the by creating whimsical flower paintings that illustrate gems of nature. Her work, both art and music, is invokes deep feelings yet simple. Her art is a blend of dreams, emotions and colors. With just a few strokes of her brush Debra is able to capture the living essence of our Earth. Full of wonders of nature, her work has captivated the world and brightened many offices and homes throughout the country. Debra believes that art is a language that crosses all cultures and borders – it is a language that anyone can understand.

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