Danny Mcbride Wall Art

Danny Mcbride (Born in 1951) was born in Toronto. He has spent all of his years working in the arts industry as a composer, musician, artist and singer. He first worked as a songwriter, composer and musician. During those days, he made world tours with the likes of Joe Cocker, Chris de Burgh and David Hasselhoff. His well-known music career has earned him several platinum and gold records and a profile that still keeps him worthy of news coverage. In 1996 he wrapped up a Taiwan and United States concert tour and began to slow down his pace in the music career. He decided to move to British Columbia where he began a new phase in his life. He’s now a painter whose unique figurative style has emerged. Mcbride is a self-taught artist and due to his unique style, his acrylic images come alive on canvas within a very short time.

They come to life in slickly finished ladies wearing hats and in textured still-lifes. Mcbride’s art is always exciting because he creates scenes that are fun and light-hearted. He usually produces his images in sculptural in form, having layers of paint that he builds up on the canvas. This creates a very textured and bold composition. Literally thousands of people around the world have seen him. The paintings of this artist have made a large impact with collectors across Europe and North America. He’s now settled in Kelowna British Columbia and this is where he continues to create his own very unique painting style, and subjects.

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