Rosa Chavez Wall Art

Although Rosa Chavez’s family in the beginning came from Barcelona, she was born in California. She was blessed to have artistic parents, so her childhood and long walks through natural and beautiful settings and scenes cultivated and inspired the natural talent that she expressed in her paintings. The artist started her education in Mexico City where she studied at the Bellas Artes Art School. Here, she explored many mediums including acrylics, sculpture, oils, watercolors and pastels. It was a five-year program and she completed her Degree in 1981. After graduation, she continued with her studies in Barcelona at the Bellas Artes Art School. In Barcelona, she specialized in oil painting, and the whole experience widened her artistic spectrum. This specialized training inspired her to confine herself to the medium (painting) and explore it professionally.

She completed her degree as an artist who specialized in oil painting and set out to use this medium showcase her artistic prowess. Rosa’s art are sold in many licensed galleries all over the world for art lovers who would like to buy pieces of art that are ready to mount. After six months of painting Mediterranean views Rosa and her husband decided to move to America. Her husband, Leon, is also as artist in oils. The couple now lives in San Fernando, CA where both of them continue to manage their personal studio and to paint. Their gallery, The Emerald Art Gallery, was opened to the public in 1996. Through this gallery they sell to private as well as corporate collectors.

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