Jae Dougall Wall Art

Jae Dougall (Born 1956) was born in Quezon City, Philippines. She has bee inspired by the modern Dutch painters to develop a unique and immediately recognizable style. Jae now resides in Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada. Her compositions have tilting perspectives with a lyrical rhythm. She Starts with dark grounds, and then surfaces to structure and light. The works she creates present her unique vision of realism. Jae maintains a palette of predominantly pure colors. This is in compliance with the tradition of post-impressionism. The artist favors this particular era of painting because the proponents ventured into the radical, the bold, and the avant-garde. By blending in the exotic and oriental, she has created a balance of contemporary and traditional expression. The most favorite form of art for her is the still life, which she represents for aesthetic value – she believes in the power of inorganic objects that evoke emotions in the viewer through the use of color harmonies and textures. Her post-impressionist high-keyed oils on canvas are dazzling. Lush patterning and fluid line are the dominant features of her work.

Her interiors and still lifes are very impressive. In her recent paintings, the artist focuses on the design qualities of anterior nudes wearing flowers and jewelry in their hair. In the tradition of use of multiple perspectives by Cezanne and strong line by Gaugain, Jae incorporates china and pottery with other still life objects on her surfaces which are ever-tilting. Her partial list of private collections include Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, Vancouver, San Francisco, Boston, Gurnsey Island, Atlanta, England, Washington State, Washington D.C., Tokyo, Taiwan, Florida, New York, New Mexico, Hong Kong, Arizona and South Carolina.

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