Debra Jordan Bryan Wall Art

Debra Jordan Bryan likes to describe her style as “familiar, friendly and warm.” As a result, her art has broad appeal and is a fit for a wide range of applications and customers. Her customers and viewers appreciate her professional but easy style. They also appreciate her ability to adapt her art to their specific needs, and also the fact that she beats her deadlines within the stipulated budget and time. Her successful licensing career spans more than 25 years. In that time her art has been licensed by hundreds of manufacturers. Debra’s artwork has appeared on everything from fabric to flags, musical figurines, gift bags, paper products, popcorn tins, calendars, and giftware collections to name a few. As a young girl, she spent several of her free hours doodling and sketching on envelopes and stationery, and spent her allowance in card shops.

Debra and family lived in San Diego for 28 years. The family had the privilege of living in Germany during her high school days, and she graduated from Frankfurt International School. Later on, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art from Albion College. She again continued her education at Kendall School of Design. In 1976She achieved a childhood dream of working as a greeting card artist for Hallmark. Soon afterwards she launched a freelance career and has enjoyed going to work ever since. Debra has three and a girl who was long awaited in the family but came recently in the form of her first granddaughter.

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