Susan Winget Wall Art

Susan Winget is an American artist and a former student of University, North Carolina, where she earned a Fine Arts degree. After finishing her education at the institution, she started on a professional career in art. She created artwork using watercolors and selling them at $8.5 at the Atlanta Gift Mart. Susan soon started Farmhouse studio in 1987 to make it easier for customers to purchase her works. It also provided a convenient place for her to interact with customers away from her house. In 2002, she moved the studio to a better building where she's been painting to date. Her farm has been a source of inspiration for her artwork. Susan’s progress is also attributed to her supportive husband Al, children and grandchild. All of them support one another in the farm. Her artwork depicts and attachment to traditional style painting values. Even with the traditional style approach, her works cope with today's trends and are on high demand globally.

Susan’s creative pieces are displayed in high profile places, including White House, The National Historic Trust, and Colonial Williamsburg. In 1987, she started licensing her artwork with Land Graphics for the production of cards and calendars among other items. She has also worked with companies such as Kohl's, JCPenney, May Co. and Sears. Art Dimensions Magazine and Licence! Magazine are some of the media outlets that have featured her and her works. The latter featured her among the top 5 licensors. Susan uses watercolors as her main medium.

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