Andre Renoux Wall Art

André Renoux (Born in 1939) was born in Oran, Algeria. He died in Paris in 2002 and was regarded as one of the national treasures France. He was very active and lived in France until his death. Renoux was known for landscape and Paris Street scenes. He’s regarded as the founder of the Paris School of Urban Realism - one of the most respected in Europe (and the most credentialed Urban Realist). He was known as the painter-poet (peintre-poete) for the beauty of his images. Renoux made Paris uniquely his own and was at home in many cities, capturing the history and soul of Paris, and its smells, sounds, textures and tastes - just as the viewer would find them in their own imagination and experience. As a young artist, he got his art training in Nice at the Beaux Arts School of Art.  

At the age of about 25, he moved to Paris where his paintings attracted the attention of gallery owners as well as collectors. His lithographs and paintings capture the charisma of Old Paris in a style that’s natural charged with obvious affection.  He was fascinated with Paris city-scapes and his style is compared to that of Utrillo, who too had the same fascination. He paints the more intimate landmarks of daily life and not the grand architectural monuments of Paris. His art is a source of inspiration to many upcoming artists, and it’s not a surprise that the demand for his art has been growing over the years.

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