Sandi Gore Evans Wall Art

Sandi Gore Evans (Born 1945) was a self-taught artist whose love of art started at an early age. She believed her parents when they told her that her drawings were good. By then, Sandi didn’t know that all parents say that to their children. Through the years, she refined her artistic skills and turned her passion into a thriving career. Sandi attributed her success to God’s blessings and hard work. Imagine the sophistication and elegance of watercolor combined with the beauty and innocence of childhood. Bring in the delights of life and spice it all with just a dose of fancy. That’s what viewers find in the creations of Sandi. She developed a distinctive style that’s easily recognized by consumers. Today, her art clearly reflect the joy and comfort she found in her comfy mid-western home, her family, her life, and her work.

When viewing her work, it is easy to notice that he had eclectic tastes. From juvenile motifs to florals and garden scenes, from the serious to the whimsical, her watercolors share bits of wonders that are found in everyday life. Adults describe her images as warm and homey, while children feel that her illustrations are created just for them to be playful and fun; everyone who sees her work says it makes them contented and happy. Sue had an unusual gift of combining the elements of art to bring a perfect balance in her compositions. In 1984, she opened her own gift store to showcase her art; unfortunately she died of cancer in 2000.

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