Young-Mi Chi Wall Art

Young Mi Chi was introduced to art by his mother when he was 5 years old. Since that time he has pursued his passion for painting. He has developed a series of mixed media collage and painting entitled Love Letters. It is a series of his artwork profiled on April of 2002 and July of 2004 on Chronicle Newspaper published by Bentley House in Worldwide in San Francisco. He wants this series to represent not only letters between people’s friendship but also romantic love letters. He believes a love letter could be work of art. The artist enjoys and appreciates their personal choices of envelops with hand writing. These choices make him feel so beloved and warm. Mi Chi tries to paint all these nice memories and feelings into his artwork. He’s very careful when it comes to the choice of colors and a shape of canvas.

The shape of the canvas, which is rectangular, represents envelope of love letter and uses sophisticated colors and a rich palette. Mi Chi received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting and his Master of Fine Arts degree in Illustration in San Francisco from the Academy of Art University. Recently, he started his Doctorate of Philosophy in Asian Art History at the U.C. Berkeley. Mi Chi works as a freelance painter and designer. He often uses Chinese characters of peace and harmony, love, happiness, grace, and beautiful on his art works. He believes these words are universal. He’s exhibited his collages and mixed media paintings in several countries.

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