Checo Diego Wall Art

Checo Diego (Born 1972) is an American artist known for his fine art prints. Diego loved art from his childhood and was lucky because he was born in an artistic family. His father is an artist and his first art lessons were from his father. He knew from that tender age that he would become an artist. Today, he’s counted among the best artists in America and the world at large. He creates art that's semi-abstract and is characterized with geometric shapes. Born in Mesa, Arizona, this place he says affords him a sense of limbo and inspiration. His art isn't just about expressing his subjects, it's also about expressing his feelings about these subjects and injecting abstractness in his art that provides viewers with some room for own interpretation. Diego basically leaves interpretations for his viewers and whenever they interpret his art correctly, he feels that his mission of producing the art has been achieved.

His use of color and brushstrokes and his keenness to detail enable him to make reference to time through his artwork, something not many artists can achieve. Diego prefers to create his own brand of artwork that's defined by three aspects, namely, form, dimension, and color. His artwork remain powerful pieces that he sells through reputable art outlets, with the art also availed for those who want to purchase ready art for their homes, offices, or any other locations they deem fit. He creates art that reflects the intersection between different relationships in his own life and that of others.

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