W. Michael Frye Wall Art

W. Michael Frye is a professional photographer and a teacher of photography. He says he’s not sure about producing images of objects, but he tells his students that photographers don’t photograph objects; rather, they photograph the light that objects reflect. And that’s the reason why a great subject with poor light will produce a poor image; while an ordinary object when photographed with great light will produce a great image. Frye specializes in nature and landscapes, and apart from photography he’s also an author. The artist has authored 5 books, among “Digital Landscape Photography.” Some photographers have a recognizable, uniform style. Frye is not one of them. To him it seems restricting to only capture the world one way, so he’s developed several distinct bodies of art which include fantastic nighttime images, classic landscape photographs and delicate high-key work. Even though his style sometimes differs, his subject is always nature, and his main tool is light.

He’s written several magazine articles on the technique and art of photography. His images have been published in more than 30 countries around the world, including the magazines National Wildlife, Sunset, Texas Highways, Outdoor Photographer, American Photo, and a bunch of others. Frye loves to share his knowledge of photography and help his students and other photographers express their photographic vision. He’s also written three e-books, among them Landscapes in Lightroom 5, Exposure for Outdoor Photography, and The Essential Step-by-Step Guide. Frye currently resides just outside the Yosemite National Park in Mariposa, California. Since 1983, he has lived either in or near the Park.

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