Marcus Bohne Art Prints

Marcus Bohne was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. His earliest art influence came from the goofy but venerable Mad Magazine, particularly the movie parodies that were drawn by comic artist Mort Drucker. The young Marc was so impressed by Drucker's ability to make drawing lifelike that he spent hours and hours trying to imitate his comics. In 1975 Bohne received an A.A. degree from Columbia College in Columbia, MO, and in 1975 he went on to earn his B.F.A., also from Columbia. When asked why he became an artist, Bohne says that he's always enjoyed doing it, "so I made the decision to do what I enjoyed doing." Bohne was also asked what he loves about art, and his reply, like his art, is honest and original: "I am not sure that I do love art in general. I do love doing what I do, but most of what is considered art is not of much interest to me. It serves a particular function in my life, and I enjoy and appreciate that function. It is my outlet for a type of expression, it satisfies my need to generate something that defines me. It allows me to explore and express internal responses to my world that would take many pages of text. To me it is like being a writer, only the picture is worth many thousand words." Says the artist about his work habits: "They are all bad. I get to the studio late and procrastinate. If it wasn't for occasional bursts of unexplained motivation, I'd never get anything done." Some of Bohne's exhibitions include the Munson Gallery in Santa Fe, NM; the Kimzey Miller Gallery in Seattle, WA; Chaparral Fine Art in Bozeman, MT; The Albuquerque Museum in Albuquerque, NM; Jack Dennis' Wyoming Gallery in Jackson, WY; the Whatcom Museum in Bellingham, WA; The Fountainhead Gallery in Seattle, WA; Columbia College in Columbia, MO; and the Northern Colorado Artist Association in Ft. Collins, CO. Bill Gates of Seattle, WA and Bruce Rauner of Chicago, IL are two collectors of Bohne's work, but Bohne considers "anyone who buys one to be pretty special."

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