Pam Ingalls-Cox Art Prints

"I enjoy painting environments, people and objects that I encounter everyday -- the magic of every day life," says Pam Ingalls-Cox of her uniquely perceptive and sensitive artwork. "I paint light and mood," she says, "and pieces of lives." Strong color and sound drawing are primary in her paintings. Her choice of simple subject matter is surprising, sometimes humorous, and always full of emotion. Portraits, still lives and interior scenes populate her studio. A table with chairs, a diner counter top, rubber boots standing by a kitchen door, even a bowl of cherries -- all evoke a sense of humanity and presence, as if someone is either about to enter the frame or has just left it. Ingalls-Cox' education in art began early. She first studied with her father, Richard Ingalls, who created the Art Department at Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA. She continued at the Accademia Delle Belle Arte in Florence, Italy in 1977, then returned hom to earn her Bachelor of Arts degree from Gonzaga in 1979.She later worked with Frederick Frank in New York and subsequently studied oil painting under Ron Lukas in Seattle. More recently she has studied with Richard Schmid and Burt Silverman. Pam has exhibited in over 125 national and international juried art shows where she's won more than 60 prizes. Her work has exhibited in 28 states, and is in collections in several countries. In September 1999 she traveled to Belfast for an Artist in Residency sponsored by British Airways, The British National Trust and Flax Trust International to paint scenes of daily life in Northern Ireland.

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