Hank Walker Wall Art

Hank Walker (1919 – 1995) grew up in Newburyport Ma in the tidewater section knows as “JOPPA” where Merrimack, the Parker and many other rivers flow to the sea past Plum Island. At a young age, he witnessed the last of the market hunters and joined them on a number of occasions. These early experiences paid off, as in 1937, he was picked to go on the MacGregor/Goodale Arctic expedition. In 1930, he had tried to join Admiral Byrd on his South Pole expedition, but he was laughed at by the Admiral for his age. However, he was always remembered for his drive to learn; and that’s why he was picked for the MacGregor/Goodale expedition. Walker’s artworks can be found in private collections and museums throughout North America in almost every medium, including pen & ink, watercolor and oil.

For over 5 decades, Walker sat in the tidal marshes and painted what he saw. He would allow his minds eye to capture the beauty the marsh sunrises and sunsets. He had a natural ability to soak in the natural world and recreate it on wood, paper and canvas. In 1938, Walker joined Ducks Unlimited and started his life path as a benefactor, an artist and a conservationist. His decoys and works of art have raised over 4 Million Dollars for many conservation projects. He also collected countless awards for his works of art and for his outdoor and environmental writings. His art is in great demand today for their quality and history.
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