Stephen Bergstrom Wall Art

Stephen Bergstrom was aware that he had artistic talent at the age of 12. He was born in Seattle, Washington. This is where he grew up and was introduced to art at a young age by his grandfather, who was an engineer, writer and a prolific painter. Initially, he was very interested in movies and he would be found drawing scenes and sculpturing characters. Since 1989His artwork has been shown both locally and nationally and leading shows and exhibitions. In 1985, he won "Best of Show" at the Washington State Regional Art Show. His limited edition prints and original oils have found their way into collector's homes around the world. Bergstrom says that impressionism and realism has been misunderstood through most of the 20th century as an art of simulation. When practiced by him, the painting acquires a powerful creative influence. His skill lies in his ability to romanticize and enhance his subject. He uses his highly sensitive eyes to see the nuances of hue and value that most people and the camera can not see.

He’s able to translate his vision into a painterly image that makes the viewer to stand and take a second look. His subjects are a confidence in his world (imaged) of creativity and paint. He studied at Italiano Artista, Venezia Italia and at Art Institute of Seattle. He has exhibited at many locations including but not limited to Gibson Gallery, Carmel, Proud Fox Gallery Geneva, Larry Smith Fine Art, Hollywood, Kenneth Beam Gallery, Seattle, Gibson Galleries, Carmel, CA, Lori Gallery Los Angeles, CA, Reflections Gallery, San Juan Capistrano, Bel Air Gallery Bournemouth, England, and Zado Gallery Portland, OR.

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