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"The Southwest feeds my soul and that's why I come here," says Eva Carter, who travels to Santa Fe, New Mexico each summer to paint. Though Carter's paintings are clearly in the realm of the abstract, they are grounded in the artist's physical environment. The vibrant color and fluid motion of Carter's oil paintings derive from her response to the landscape, taking in scenery and "moving it to another level." Carter began experiencing diverse landscapes early in life. Born in Tennessee, she had relatives in New Mexico. It was a trip to the southwest as a teenager that forever changed her life, the landscape encouraging her interest in art to emerge. "I was at a very impressionable age," says Carter, who in Los Alamos met an artist friend of her uncle's. "She took me into her studio and said 'So you want to be an artist.' She gave me a realistic view of what that life meant---that you didn't do this without a commitment to hard work." At East Tennessee State University Carter first developed her love for abstract expressionism, the non-imagistic style that marks her oil paintings. She had worked with watercolor, in figure painting, and in super-realistic pencil drawing before returning to the expressionist style she feels suits her best. In 1993 Carter was featured in a major solo exhibition at the Gibbes Museum of Art in Charleston, South Carolina. She returned to East Tennessee State for an alumni exhibition at the Carroll Reece Museum in 1995. In addition to her numerous solo exhibitions, Carter's work is included in many private, corporate, and institutional collections throughout the U.S.
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