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Born in 1933, Kathleen Dunne studied art at the Philadelphia Museum School of Art in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, graduating with a B.A. in 1955. In her early work, she created compositions of shifting planes and multiple views, echoing the work of Lyonel Feininger and the Italian Futurists. Her paintings have evolved into more geometric compositions, yet they retain her favorite themes of villages, winding paths and trees, all unified within strong, balanced compositions. Working in a traditional method of "wet on wet"-wet paint over wet varnish-she transforms landscapes into lyrical near-abstractions that show her love for the places she has visited as well as her love for the painting process itself. Dunne had has numerous gallery exhibitions, including solo shows at the Vorpal Galleries in both San Francisco, California, and New York, New York, the Robins/Hyder Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and L.A. ArtCore in Los Angeles, California. Her work is included in many collections, including those of Neil Simon, Genesis Entertainment, Pacific Enterprises and Red Lion Inn. Dunne paints in her light-filled studio in the Los Angeles area of California.
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Road To Vence
Fine-Art Print
30" x 25"
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