David Roberts Wall Art

David Roberts (1796-1864) was a Scottish painter who was born at 8 Gloucester Street (formerly Duncan’s Land). He was the son of Christian Richie and John Roberts, a shoe maker. At only ten years of age, David was apprenticed for seven years to Gavin Beugo, a house painter and decorator. His fellow apprentice was David Ramsay Hay who became his great friend. David used to study arts in the evening. After the apprenticeship, David moved to Perth where he got his first job as a foreman for the redecoration of Scone Palace. He exhibited his first easel painting in 1824 in London. Four years later his success enabled him to give up theatrical work. He then undertook journeys abroad in search of impressive or exotic subjects. He is especially known for a series of detailed lithograph prints of Near East and Egypt that he produced from sketches he made during his tour of the regions between 1838 and 1840. David became one of the first professional and independent British artists to experience Orient at first hand. His experience as a scene painter made him to effectively convey the vistas of deserts, mountains and towns and also the vast proportions of the Egyptian temples. David’s drawings show his ability to create visually effective compositions from a variety of subjects which also depicted scenes of local life and detailed interiors of buildings. He was elected ARA in 1838 and RA in 1841. His prime concern in his watercolor and oil paintings was the depiction of the constant aspect of any place.

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