Geraldine Aikman Wall Art

Geraldine Aikman is an illustrator and has had many years of experience in the giftware and greeting card design fields. She always works on new ideas and a wide array of subject matter. Geraldine creates several decorative styles for Santas, villages, fun animals and contemporary, wine & chef-related artwork and a line of food. She loves to edit photographs in Photoshop and is also skilled on the Mac. Her art has appeared on products for Marcel Schurman, Cape Shore-Downeast Concepts, C.R. Gibson, Concord Litho, Marian Heath- Renaissance, Barton-Cotton, Springwater Tin, and many more. Geraldine’s desire to create has been instilled in her since early childhood. She was brought up in an area where she learned to appreciate the changing of seasons and the beauty of nature. Geraldine has belonged to many art groups and has had the opportunity to serve as a leader in many of these groups.

She works in a variety of categories and has had her work licensed in the greeting card industry. She has received awards in competitions and her art is shown in galleries throughout the US and beyond. Geraldine’s art is held by numerous businesses, corporations, and private collections. Commissions, gallery representation and participation in art fairs, keep her enthusiastic about painting. Her emblematic work demonstrates her response to the environment, more so to the rural scenery and to the shadows, colors, and shades of late afternoons and early mornings. Her work is represented in galleries nationwide and has been exhibited in group and solo shows.

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