DeAnna Tolliver Wall Art

DeAnna Tolliver was born in Vicksburg, MS. She’s a self-taught, digital artist who now resides in the Atlanta, GA area. She was introduced to the arts at a very young age. DeAnna grew up as the daughter of a leading contemporary artist from the south, William Tolliver and so vibrant, bright colors and bold, strong lines was a mainstay in her household. She draws her inspiration from colorful ethnic art, geometric shapes and cubism. These influences are evident throughout her works. She’s recently started creating abstract, visual art for textile/surface designs and wall hangings. As the daughter of a fine artist, she’s literally been around art her entire life. She’s grown to express her creativity through many diverse avenues that is mostly through, but not limited to, fashion accessories. All her works that are featured on Fine Art America are original, digital art creations.

DeAnna has been contributing to Fine Art America are for a very long time. She’s a creative and confident artist who’s self-sufficient, self-motivated. DeAnna comes to her clients with a strong background in both digital and print media. Her art developed from her passion and regard for what nature provides; the attractive sceneries, the landscape, and the beautiful objects. DeAnna has worked for many years with artists/designers, individuals and corporations creating art for specific environments. Her art developed from her longing to represent the beauties of natural and man-made objects so that her viewers can taste and enjoy the beauty of these things that surround us.

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