Aleta Pippin Wall Art

Aleta Pippin’s paintings are about vibration (energy), freedom, and color. Her work has a spiritual angle and is a result of continuous exploration. While Aleta fell in love with art at a young age, she grew up with little cultural exposure that put the potential of being an art far from her mind. Instead, she followed the path of a stable job, marriage and children. Her passion and drive to become an artist stayed with her and in 1984, she embarked on her second career – she became an entrepreneur. Aleta opened her own business (executive suite business), growing it to 4 locations and eventually appearing in the list of the 50 largest businesses in Houston owned by women. Today she’s an artist who believes that true art comes from within and color is central to her individual expression.

Aleta paints spontaneously, and in the process she allows the painting to flow freely through her. This allows the painting to express what she feels; paying attention to the direction the painting is leading her. When she’s in this zone of freely expressing, she’s deeply involved in the development of the painting, which acts as a vessel through which the intuition and energy are flowing. Once the painting is completed, she stands back to view it and she’s becomes awestruck to see the amazing energy of marks, color, and astonishing beauty. As her third career, her artistic venture has taken many years to grow from a faraway dream to now a full time passion and career.

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