Lindsay Scott Wall Art

Lindsay Scott (Born 1955) was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Her background as a biologist, botanical researcher and an illustrator have served her well in delivering the spirit and drama of wildlife to her viewers, both North American and African. A native of Zimbabwe, Lindsay’s painstaking illustration works are melded with an animated use of reflected light and brushwork. She has been acclaimed for her bold and dynamic oil paintings as well as for her elegantly detailed pencil drawings. Lindsay has been able to convey a sense of first hand experience as she captures the intimate understanding of the wildlife she knows so well. She uses a limited palette of only 8 colors, with each hue having a trace of all the others. This help in harmoniously linking together the various elements of each painting.

This unifying style combines with her ability to focus on light as it reflects off her subjects to give her work an abstract yet tightly rendered, almost fluid appearance. As an avid conservationist, Lindsay has traveled widely leading tours to Antarctica and Africa. She has also led researching tours for the National Geographic Society in Australia. Lindsay views her role as a wildlife artist as a way to raise public consciousness and to educate the public about preserving the natural world. She’s able to capture the spirit of the wonder-inspiring beauty and vastness of the African continent and its magnificent animals in meticulous pencil drawings and oil paintings filled with emotion. When not traveling she spends her time in her home in New Zealand with her husband.

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