Michael Murdock Wall Art

Michael Murdock has been doing art his whole life. He had a passion for art from his childhood and could spend most of his free time drawing, painting sketching and doodling. Murdock loved anything with an artistic flare. He knew that he would become a professional artist. Today he is an Interactive Artist, Interface Designer and Virtual Reality Director. He currently lives and works in San Francisco, CA, USA. He makes amazing stuff in the Bay Area. Murdock is a freelance designer/illustrator trying to make his way on the web. He’s also an employee of Karen Foster Design where he works full-time as an illustrator. He’s never been able to stop doing artwork. Murdock received a Bachelor of Arts Degree (in Art) from the University of Utah. All of his artwork is finished digitally. The artist is inspired by urban environments, pipes, gears... he loves the chaos and intricacy of life.

He really digs the old Czech animations as well. He’s a widely exhibited San Francisco, artist with several solo and group shows to his credit. He celebrates life by living in a constant state of creativity, and is an expert at transforming his subjects into images that are purely graceful, gorgeous and saintly. Murdock paints for his own comfort, joy, sanity and compassion. He paints to reach out to as many people as possible, as daily meditation and because he can’t stop painting. His art inspires both the upcoming and established artists. Murdock tries to keep his art fresh by being open to learning new styles and techniques. His art can be seen adorning many prestigious spaces around the world.

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