Marcee Duggar Wall Art

Marcee Duggar works with Kim Liddiard on Creative Pixel, which is a site for graphic artists. Through this forum, they preserve today’s memories to share with future generations; and that what they love to do - weddings, Newborn Babies or Fairies, Food, Nature, Seniors, Portraits, …The list goes on. Marcee’s style is basically photo-journalistic where the viewers get the emotions without shouting the “cheesers” associated with taking photos. Marcee is passionate about memories and the art of photos. She designs personalized and custom bucolic typographic designs on a variety of mediums including Burlap. She loves anything old and Rusty. She collects and re-purposes old picture frames. She’s a mother of Teenagers and wife of almost 30 years. She loves living in the country and Thrift store shopping.

Her products include Personalized Burlap Wall Art, Painted Furniture, Wood Signs and Quality Digital Scrapbooking Products, Home Décor, Stock Graphics, Graphics, Heritage, Vintage, Art Journal, Recycled and re-purposed Furniture, Printed Designs and Wall Art, Graphics featuring Heritage and Vintage type products, Digital Scrapbooking, Graphics for Web, Art Journals, Mixed Media Pages, etc. She works on a wide array of subjects, based on client requests. In the course of his work, she has interacted with several artists, who have ensured that her interest in art is ever increasing. Her clients’ base has expanded to several countries. Her outgoing nature has made it possible for her to work with different people who possess different talents. This has greatly improved the quality of her art because she’s always open to learning from others. She has been recognized internationally for her art.

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