Irina Trzaskos Studio Wall Art

Irina Trzaskos Studio is based in Connecticut and is owned and run by an illustrator, designer and artist called Irina Trzaskos. She was born and grew up in Moldova. Irina studied at the Technical University of Moldova from where she obtained an Engineering degree in 2008. After earning her degree in Interior Design, she worked as an administrator of one of the leading antique furniture importing companies in Chisinau the capital of Moldova, and also worked as an interior designer for a textile company. Her artwork is inspired by nature, art history and culture. Following her heart, the artist moved to the US in 2012, fulfilling her dream of becoming an artist. Irina has a unique style of presenting her art which she produces in a variety of finishing options. She has managed to develop long-term relationships with her repeat customers because she understands their needs.

The artist is best known for her colorful, feminine, elegant hand-painted watercolor designs. Irina is seeking challenging positions that allow her to use her focus on detail in requirements and guidelines, her creative skills, and her passion for art and product design. Irina works for Art Licensing International in Sunderland, VT as a designer and Artist. Her responsibilities include developing art collections and creating art for product lines of various manufacturers. She also produces her own art and is also good at advertising and social media marketing, customer service, creating a variety of original artwork and crafts for sale, as well as buying goods for resale.

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