Magda Indigo Wall Art

Magda Indigo was born in Bruges, Belgium. She has been a professional photographer for more than 25 years. She now lives in the United Kingdom and her work has featured on TV, book covers, communications and advertising for global brands including Microsoft, Harper Collins, Hallmark, Samsung and American Express. Her work is popular with both offline and online audiences. Magda is a Getty Images Artist. She has a loyal following on the world’s largest photo sharing site, Flickr. Driven to constantly achieve perfection, inspirational and creative, she adds humor and fun to every piece of art she produces. In less than 9 months after beginning to produce her pieces of art, her images had about 800,000 views on leading photography website called 500px. She likes sharing those precious moments.

When one sees her images, she hopes they will speak to them and release an emotion. She hopes so, because then she’s happy and has reached her goal. She says that if she had not seen and recorded it there and then, words would be very inadequate to explain what it is to the viewers, so her pictures have their own language. Magda is an experienced person in numerous exhibitions of her fine art photographs in Europe. Magda is a versatile photographer who believes she doesn’t fit into just one little box like many photographers. She also writes a non-commercial blog, full of personal anecdotes and stories. This has earned her admirations from all quarters. Photography is a way of life for Magda.

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