Toula Mavridou-Messer Wall Art

Based in London, United Kingdom, Toula Mavridou-Messer has loved art since her childhood. She knew that her career must be in the art industry, and she easily fell in love with anything that had an artistic flare. Her dream has been fulfilled and today she’s presented a variety of quality works of art for several ears. She’s an international artist who’s active both on the local and international scenes. Apart from being a professional photographer, she’s also an accomplished published author. Her best-selling photography book, titled “100% Simply Perfect Photographs,” is available from Amazon. Toula is a member of the American Photography Association. She’s constantly in a state of wonderment at the magic, intrigue, humor and beauty of the world around us. She believes that art is how an individual’s heart sees things.

Sometimes everything is crisp and clear, other some other times everything seems black and white but most of the time it's filled with happiness and joy. Her heart is captured in every image that she produces. And she hopes one or two will also capture the hearts of her viewers. Toula’s stock images are represented, though non-exclusively, by six of the most prestigious agencies in the world. This has made her art to be very popular and explains why they are found in many collections around the world. Toula’s images adorn the walls of many prestigious buildings in the United Kingdom and beyond. She’s built a network of loyal followers who are always on the lookout for her new pieces of art.

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