Taka Sudo Wall Art

Taka Sudo is a designer, illustrator, and an artist. He was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. He moved to America in 2001 and is now residing in BC, Canada. Sudo is inspired by the glamorous people with amazing creativity that he has met from all over the world. Sometime he goes in overcrowded subways in Tokyo and sometime on mountaintop with powder snow to get more inspiration for his work. From a high mountain range to gassy skyscrapers; with sake and with glacier beer; with soysauce and with ketchup, these things are inspiring his creativity but only a little. Sudo tries to paint what he would put in his own home. He believes there’s so much beauty around us if we could only stop and look. Most of his works are through observation of what is going on around him.

Sudo believes that by appreciating the little things around him he can learn a lot from nature. He is keen to detail and will always pick what many people can easily ignore. He assembles scattered abstract elements composed of neutral color, neon color, photo collage and newsprint etc into organic shapes. This helps him to find out true strong energy among the real and the unreal. Sudo loves creating art that is not just meant for hanging on the wall but that which can also inspire. He uses his art to invoke a feeling in his viewers; that’s why his art is very popular with leading collectors, and is found in many collections around the world.

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