Vintage Skies Wall Art

Vintage Skies was founded and is owned by Rachel Burbee, an artist who was originally from the UK. Rachel was born and raised in the Midlands but in 2007, she packed her belonging and left her familiar surrounds to an unknown destination. She is now based in New Hampshire USA, is married and has two children. Rachel leads a simple life, where snow days are not wished for and sunny days are longed for. Other than having her camera in her hand, some of her favorite activities are playing Band Hero, Monopoly, giggling and dancing. Vintage Skies Photography deals with what some call lifestyle photography others call it portrait photography; but Rachel calls it Life Inspired Photography. Rachel's life as a wife and a mother has taken her on many different paths in her never ending journey as a photographer.

She loves to capture the essence of all that is around her and her favorite subjects are landscapes and clouds. Rachel wants people to be encouraged and inspired when they look at her work. She loves adventure, and is always eager to see what is on the other side of the mountain, or what is round the next corner. As an artist, Rachel doesn’t take herself too seriously, she’s a bit of a dreamer, her head is nearly always up in the clouds, and she thinks her work portrays that. There is nothing Rachel loves more than capturing that special bond between families or capturing the moments where people see the true beauty in what is around them.

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