Jai Johnson Wall Art

Jai Johnson is a photographic artist living in Tennessee. He loves to spend his days in nature capturing life's most peaceful and serene moments, whether it be in landscapes, enjoying the beauty of a simple flower, or watching birds and wildlife. Moving beyond traditional photography, Jai transforms her original photographs into art by pairing them with hand painted textures, appealing to a variety of decorative needs and tastes. Carrying things even further, many of her images become even more painterly via the use of a variety of software applications, as well as hand painting. Jai illuminates the world with her form of artistic photography, where she transforms original photographs through a unique blend of artistry. She makes the ordinary to become radiant with the addition of warmth. The ordinary becomes radiant with the addition of warmth. The everyday vision turns into an original masterpiece. The familiar becomes new through the use of texture.

And the simple becomes luxurious with light and color. She transforms what was bland and boring and often overlooked to something filled with luminous beauty that is a highly elegant and collectible. Within the space of the photographic frame, Jai’s desire is to bring her viewers to a point of personal focus with the subject, whether it be a beautiful bird, a wild animal, a loved pet, a serene scene, a special object, or a fresh flower. She hopes her viewers will forget they are looking at a photograph, and see a different perspective, one that mixes photographic realism with painterly qualities.

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