Caroline Duncan ART Wall Art

Caroline Duncan is an artist from Scotland living in Aberdeen City. She has enjoyed many years of painting and exhibiting her artistic woks after leaving school in the 80s. Caroline worked briefly with a major oil company in Finance but left to pursue art as a career. She has been selling her artwork for several years and has sold several original paintings online. She contracts with an Art Licensing company in USA and UK that sells her works through various companies around the world. Some of her works are contracted for sale by manufacturers as prints and copies. Caroline’s inspiration comes from Gustav Klimt, a world renowned artist. She’s part of the Forecourt Art Group and Deeside Artist in Aberdeen, Scotland, and exhibits her work several times in a year. Caroline is also listed on Scotland’s Artists, Saatch Art and Artfinder, where she has been selling since 2014, and has sold 48 original paintings.

She displays her work in and around Aberdeen in hotels, galleries and shops. In this way, she promotes the viewership of her art thus increasing sales. Her artwork has found its way into many private and corporate collections and can also be seen in many private and public institutions. She has traveled to many places and had a blast meeting new artists and making a lot of friends along the way. All these have helped in improving the quality of her work. Caroline continues to make creative pieces that continue to attract buyers from across the globe.

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