Bonnie B. Cook Wall Art

Bonnie B. Cook is a landscape artist based in Utah. Bonnie and her husband reside in a country town 35 miles north of Salt Lake City. Her favorite subjects are gardens and cottages. She uses vivid colors and his works are detailed. For several years, Bonnie has also been a professional organist and theatrical style pianist for funeral homes, wedding reception centers, and movie theaters, where she provides organ music before and after movies. In her artwork, Bonnie uses acrylic and has a room especially designed for painting. The room has a large window and a cupboard full of paints and brushes. Some of her art pieces have been published as puzzles and as greeting cards.

Bonnie believes that art and music go hand in hand in making life interesting and fulfilling. Art utilizes rhythm just as music does, and Bonnie says they both require a lot of dedication and practice. Art has been a blessing to her as she loves to create things that are beautiful on blank canvas that last for years and bring joy to her viewers. Bonnie calls herself “true cowgirl”, and when not painting in her Atlanta studio, she rides, plays, and works the land with her family. She has an equine series that portray her own horses. Bonnie loves to watch her horses and then paint them from a split second moment in time. She feels that if she paints her passion will show. Bonnie layers paint in acrylic and oil over the surface to create texture.

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