Joanne Porter Wall Art

From a tender age, Joanne Porter knew that she would be involved in art. She could spend most of her free time drawing, sketching and painting using any drawing tool she could come across. She is now a professional painter whose work is admired by many. Her artwork is mainly inclined towards flowers, and that’s where her reputation has been built around. She is now a floral artist whose paintings, prints and drawings draw their main inspiration from flowers. She prefers to work from fresh flowers rather than from photographs. Joanne explores her creativity in a variety of media including pen and ink, graphite, gouache, acrylic and watercolor. Painting has become her all consuming passion. Using many layers of color, Joanne's intent is to convey the richness of color of the flowers as well as their delicate feel.

Joanne believes the variety of flowers keep her prints, art and posters fresh and adds to their collectability. Her works have been published as fine art prints, greeting cards, and posters. Since she became a full time artist, her paintings are now much sought after by discerning private collectors and galleries all over the world. She tends to look for new and inventive ways to present her work. Whenever she starts painting, Joanne imagines the flowers moving as a result of a gentle breeze gently; she then tries to reflect that motion in her composition. She likes to read and to travel and has been an incredible source of inspiration to many upcoming artists. Joanne believes that her paintings reflect a balance of technical and emotion skill.

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