Pamela A. Johnson Wall Art

Pamela Johnson is an art consultant and a professional artist living in Austin, Texas. She was born in Buffalo, New York. She paints from observation and has keen eyes for detail. She also pays close attention small details to ensure that she gets correct presentation of her subjects. Pamela has been commissioned to create work for Intel, AT&T, Samsung, the University of Texas at Austin, Dell, IBM, Texas State University, and many other Fortune 100 companies, government agencies, institutes of higher learning, and hospitals. Her mother took her to several museums and exhibitions that inspired her. In 1972, Pamela moved to Toronto, Canada, where a flourishing arts and crafts community existed. She painted and exhibited there. Pamela lived in Canada for eleven years then moved to Austin, Texas.

She had always had a deep love of art, and anything that has artistic flare to it. Pamela’s most valuable qualification is the passion for everything that she works with. This passion is reflected through all of her artworks. As principal at Westbank Gallery Art Services, Pamela has designed integrated campus art plans for Veterans Administration, the Air Force, and Army, as well as development companies and private corporations. Her images have been published on greeting cards calendars, posters, and stationery around the world. In 1991, she founded Westbank Gallery, which featured Texas contemporary artists, and became a highly successful art design, art resource, planning and consulting service for corporate customers. All her images promise to inspire and delight all new artists and all who view them.

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