Fiona Stokes-Gilbert-ALI Wall Art

Fiona Stokes-Gilbert-ALI is a designer and an illustrator working in the Los Angeles area. The artist has spent more than 30 years designing textiles and consumer products for companies such as Warner Brothers, Mattel, Disney, Franciscan dinnerware and Nickelodeon. She has a strong passion for patterns and she integrates them frequently into her artwork. Fiona holds a bachelor of fine arts degree from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Since her graduation, she has continued to explore her art and to study, with additional study at The School of Visual Arts in NYC and Otis Parsons, UCLA. She has broadened her skills in different areas; from digital techniques to traditional painting and drawing. Fiona is open to learning and is a regular visitor to art shows and museums. Her interest is to learn new techniques and styles that she can use to help keep her art fresh and more collectable.

She has a wide network of highly esteem clients who are always keeping her busy wit their demands for new pieces of art. While Fiona enjoys the possibilities that usually open up when she’s using digital media, she never strays too far away from her first love - painting and drawing. Every piece she does, even if she completes it as a digital file, must start as an original painting. Her mediums of choice have been gouache and watercolor; however the artist has more recently been trying her hand on acrylic and mixed media, and she has been doing quite fine.

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