Ric Stultz Wall Art

Ric Stultz lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in a little house with his girlfriend. He loves art. That’s why most of his time in spent in the studio working on his clients’ projects and paintings. He does most of his work by hand and only uses the computer for minor adjustments and also for the final output. Stultz has a small plot of land that he has completely filled with flowers and vegetables. That’s where he spends his time when he is not in studio. His interest in art began when he was in college studying. He graduated with Bachelor’s degree in Graphics Design. Stultz loves drawing and illustration which seems to him like a commercially viable combination of his interests.

Stultz mostly uses traditional techniques and tools like paper, brushes, gesso and ink paints. He also uses Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. He is glad he carried through with his graphic design degree as it has helped him so much with his website and marketing his work. When working on digital images, he always draws his pictures on paper first and then scans them in. He mainly uses hand drawing with bright colors and hard edge line work. His work starts in his sketchbooks. It takes him awhile to warm up before his drawings are lucid. His art is the natural progression of his vision as it extends itself into inanimate and nature objects. Stultz has participated in many art exhibitions and his artworks are in great demand. They can be found with many collectors, both public and private.

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