Megan Duncanson Art

Megan Duncanson is a painter who’s always had a brush and a pencil in her hand. She covers a host of topics and creates paintings that run into hundreds every year. Megan mainly draws her subjects from nature, although she also creates art inspired by objects around her. The neighborhoods where she lived in, including the Bush of Alaska as well as the picturesque places of Florida and Hawaii have influenced her art and subjects. She has thus captured tropical trees, sunsets, boats, and more, all inspired by these places. Although she grew up in Alaska, she later lived in Hawaii from 1990 to 1992 while studying at Hawaii Pacific University. Megan later proceeded to Valencia Community College, staying there for just a semester before moving back to Ketchikan, Alaska, where she gave birth to Aroon Melane, her only child. She defines her style as contemporary eclecticism and creates her art with the intention of making people happy, focusing on subjects that her audience can easily relate with. Megan focuses on applying colors that best represent her subjects, often using rich color palettes. Being self-taught, she’s been able to develop her signature style, making her work completely unique. Starting up, her biggest challenge was penetrating the crowded art market, but she chose to surge on regardless. Her persistence paid off, learning new ideas and her work becoming more popular. Megan’s unique style and her relentlessness have made her a prolific artist, getting better with every passing day. Owing to the quality of her work, they’ve been exhibited widely and are sold through art galleries as canvas pieces, prints, framed art, and more.

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