John Roy Wall Art

John Roy is an American photographer with a penchant for old things. He loved art from a tender age and knew from the start that one day he would become a professional artist. He was inspired by all leading artist of the past and those of his time. He was also inspired by his lifetime dedication to vintage cars and Blues Music, he began taking photographs in search of abandoned America. Roy spent 7 years taking 1000s of photographs of gas stations, farm houses, salvage yards, motels, - all manner of vehicles and amazing American scenery. He used these photographs to create self-taught three dimensional montages. The artist Roy is the archetypal master of scene, color, and light. His dazzling pieces of art are full of feeling, where through all the senses, the viewers can feel love.

Through his skillful photography and drawing from his life experiences and from his travels, he produces images where the viewers feel they have truly become one with the subject. His images are sure to be sought by the discriminating collectors. By assembling various shots into a well-arranged work of art, he’s able to create a roadside masterpiece. Will all his skill, Roy is still open to learning new styles and techniques. That’s why he’s a faithful visitor to many art museums, exhibitions and shows. He’s also open to criticism as this has helped to greatly improve his photography. Roy’s art has found its way into a number of prestigious galleries, institutions and homes all over the world.

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